Rediscover your happiest, healthiest hair ever with Tints of Nature.

Hair & Skin Tests

Our home hair colours have been carefully blended to be very gentle on your hair and on your skin, but over time anyone of us can become sensitive to any ingredients found in any hair colour, even to the most natural of ones. That is why we always recommend carrying out a skin sensitivity test 48 hours before you intend to colour your hair.

How to carry out a skin sensitivity test...

1. Wash and dry a small area of skin just behind your ear or on the inside of your elbow.

2. Apply a small amount of Colour Gel (our small recyclable green bottle) to your chosen area of skin.

3. Allow to dry.

4. Leave uncovered or pop an adhesive bandage over the area for 2 hours. If you see or feel any sign of reaction- redness, soreness, irritation or burning rinse the area of skin immediately.

5. After 2 hours wash the Colour Gel off your skin and keep an eye out for any sign of reaction as mentioned above for the next 48 hours. If you do not experience any reaction - Happy Colouring!

If any sign of reaction occurs please do not use our product and if symptoms persist please consult your doctor or pharmacist for medical support.

Please Note: Remember to carry out a skin sensitivity test before every application of colour - this is very important! Why not watch our How To Video for step by steps!

Hair Strand Test for Permanent and Henna Cream hair dyes

A hair strand test is a great way of showing how your chosen Tints of Nature shade will look on your hair before fully applying. Watch our video for step by steps!

Please ensure you have carried out your skin sensitivity test!

1. For permanent hair dye...Using a plastic bowl (or our Tints of Nature mixing set) mix a capful of Colour Gel & a capful of Colourfix. (Please do not use metal utensils or bowls.) For Henna Cream...Shake the colour bottle.

2. Put on your gloves- these can be found in your Tints of Nature pack.

3. Take approx. 1cm strand of hair. (If you are wanting to banish grey hair ensure there is some grey hair in the strand.)

4. Apply the colour to your strand of hair - from root to tip.

5. Rinse and remove the gloves (you will need these for your colour application) and wait for 30 minutes.

6. Rinse your strand of hair with warm water and blow dry.

Hair Strand Test for Highlight and Lightener Kits:

A hair strand test is a great way of showing how your chosen Tints of Nature Highlight or Lightener will look on your hair before fully applying.

Please ensure you have carried out your skin sensitivity test!

1. Put on your gloves. Using a plastic spoon and our Tints of Nature Mixing bowl or bowl included in pack, mix half a teaspoon of Lightening Powder with one and half teaspoons of Cream Activator. Mix thoroughly into a smooth paste. (If you are using the Lightener Kit also add half a teaspoon of Protective Oil and blend into a smooth cream.)

2. Take approx. 1cm strand of your hair and apply the mixture. Leave for 10 minutes.

3. Using a paper towel wipe the strand of hair clean and assess the level of lift at the roots, midlengths and ends.

4. If the desired lift and shade has not been achieved re-apply the mixture to the same strand of hair and check every 5-10 minutes. (Please do not leave the formula on for longer than 45 minutes.) If during the test, you hair begins to heat or considerably weaken rinse off immediately and do not proceed with the application. Please note development times may vary depending on the colour and condition of your hair.

5. Once your desired shade has been achieved, make a note of the development time and rinse the strand of hair clean.